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mission drive within everything
Computers, Drawing, Falling asleep in a chair
school-Toms River North Highschool
actually its a quote: "For if thou presumeth to flirt with spirits, thou join them."
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I am from New York, but recently moved to New Jersey with my father. I am seventeen years old. I am an only child, I used to have a mother, she died in August of 2001 of Breast Cancer. I was 11.
My father met a woman who is now my step mother in New Jersey. We now live with her and her two children. One a male recent highschool grad and a female 7th grader.
I am a pretty philisophical person..also pretty nice. I don' like people who are full of themselves. I am fond of almost all music, except rap. Rap I do not care for.
Classical music is appeasing to me when I am in a distressed state..
Rock and Heavy Metal music is appeasing to me when I am happy..
Jazz is appeasing when with friends..
New Age is appeasing when taking long bubble baths or meditating