Not a Wiccan tradition in the strictest sense, kitchen witchery is more a specific type of eclectic solitary practice. It differs from other practice in that it is focused on the hearth and home as power centers as well as focusing more on the practical applications of workings. The concept of a kitchen witch is very similar to that of a hedge witch. In some references the terms are used interchangeably, but there are subtle differences in emphasis. Some people find the term kitchen witch to be offensive as it seems to them anti-feminist, but others feel it rightly describes a practice that does originate in the kitchen and focuses on family.

The typical kitchen witch does not belong to a coven or organized tradition (ie Gardnerian or Dianic), but rather is self-taught, relying on intuition, self-reflection and study. He or she may use any of the following in zir practice:

Magickal cooking is considered the cornerstone of the kitchen witch's practice. Some follow cookbooks and some follow intuition, but cooking is done with a sense of reverence and focus on embuing the food with energies.

Being a kitchen witch is a very pragmatic way to practice the craft. Kitchen witches have been known to vacuum the negative energies out of a room and use popsicle sticks as craft tools! For me, being a kitchen witch (albeit a fledgeling one) is about making the small things in life meaningful. Some days I really can't handle the larger "meaning of life" questions, but I can make meaning in small ways, starting in my kitchen.