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I am quiet, and will probably open my mouth on here to scream at the hallucinations i don't really have. My personality changes (subtly, i'm not an absolute basket case) every now and again, so i'll run through them really quick.
Arty: Short for Artemys. He is an artistic boy in charge of most of my writings, and my love life. (My boyfriend and I haven't yet decided if this makes either of us gay) If he had a face of his own, he'd have bright red hair, a freckle-filled face, and a perpetual clay streak across his cheek.
Cazy: Short for Absolutely Bloody Crazy. She wakes up when I have reached the exhaustion point when even my highly hilarious psychology teacher, or my equally hilarious band of male friends can't keep me up. She would have Frizzy as all get out light brown hair, be way to thin for my tastes, (i like some meat on my bones, thank you)and eyes like an insomniac raccoon.
Last, (And most normal) Whitney: She is in charge of my more nurturing side, the one that signed us up for psychology because she wanted to be a therapist. We've since had a talk, and decided that author and philanthropist will have to do. She is the one who mother hens our friend Rachel, who is even more autistic than I am and deserves all the hugs one can muster. She is pagan, with dark brown hair and a pretty face that is nothing like my own. She is tall and womanly. (Or, if you prefer, she has some plumpage)
Now, as i have already mentioned before, i am autistic, and Much to verbose for my own good. I believe i ingested the dictionary one day, and have been using words that infuriate my friends ever since. I have a boyfriend, who I plan to marry once i leave teen years (He has been clued into this)and graduate college. I feel like a clique chick whenever i say 'boyfriend' however, so i'll usually refer to him as 'My love'. I usually want to be a guy, though i will probably just wait out my time in this earth as a girl, because surgery is expensive and i would have to adjust to new body parts. I am lazy as hell, and that would clash. My real name is not Sadie, but that's what i want to be called in the author world, and what i put down for this site.
Anyway, thank you for reading this mostly pointless drivel, and have a merry good night.