So, it's been a few days. I've been lying low.

I went to see Oasis last weekend. It was good, but I'd have preferred it if they'd actually plugged the guitars in. Richard Ashcroft was good, too, although basically it was like watching the Verve if they'd all been taken ill shortly before the gig and replaced with session musicians. Or, it's as if Ashcroft didn't get on with the band, ditched them, and hired session musicians on short-term contracts in their place. He's looking well, in any case.

Electric Soft Parade weren't bad either. Saved me having to go to Portsmouth to see them, anyway. They're all young, you know, and they liked my girlfriend's housemate's friend when they met her backstage.

Soundtrack of Our Lives turned up, too. And were good. I like them. Big men with beards, singing. Not normally my thing, but gotta say, they're good. Go buy "Behind The Music" if you don't believe me.

Before the music, there was the great pleasure of being in Manchester, on a day when United lost in the morning, surrouded by a whole bunch of Mancs, watching Sky announce firstly an equalizer against Liverpool (cue: rampant manc delight), then Liverpool's winner (cue: rampant delight from everyone else, theboy included).

And having done all that backwards, let me segue smoothly into anagrams, which have been occupying my mind for the last few days. You should find one or two on the homenode.

I'm not all that good at it, but it's fun in a geeky wordsmithery way.

You, too, can anagram!

Simply write your phrase down, cut out the letters, and move them around until you've formed a few words. You'll probably end up with 8 consonants and no vowels, so rearrange a little more, and...

For instance:

"Mission Drive within Everything"

spews to:

"Videoing shirty white vermin sin"

"shivering with my tidier venison"

"invite wee rhythm division grins"

And, if you have your dubious content filter turned off...

Divine Virgin with semen history

Yes, well... it's only words, after all.

Meanwhile, I am faced with the discovery that my name can be turned into at least one (inaccurate) embarassing description.

Can I derive a WU consisting entirely of softlinked anagrams?

(He boots bull idea)