This daylog looks a little different than when I originally posted.

Anyone who read its previous incarnation will have only come across the 'here's a little bit about ME, I'm at, or near, the centre of the world, or MY world, anyway, I'm wry, and pretty smart. Here's some of MY thoughts for you to spend some time reading' section at the end.

But I have come to realise since posting it, how wrong I was. And how little I am, and how little I know. The truth is that for me, this is a day much like any other. It was my birthday yesterday, so I mused on what today held, its position between yesterday and tomorrow. Yesterday was important personally, tomorrow is important in more ways than I care to go into.

And today is important too. I realise now that this day, for many of you, means something. Probably in many different ways, more even than I now know.

I hope I haven't offended or upset any of you.

The original daylog content is below. I wrote it, it exists.

I'm beginning to feel a little sorry for September 10. Sandwiched between two famous anniversaries - a day before September 11 (and perhaps I don't need to go into much detail on that one) and a day after September 9, which for the uninitiated among you is the birthday of theboy - shared with Hugh Grant, Otis Redding, and Leo Tolstoy among others I'm told, but not Neil Armstrong as I was also once told, or even Billie Piper. I've lost my train of logic already. Anyway, theboy was celebrating his second birthday when Mao-Tse Tung shuffled off this mortal coil, having suffered from Parkinson's disease for a while, which is interesting to me, as it's my girlfriend's line of research. His successor, Deng Xiaoping was PD as well. And so is the Pope, in case you're interested. And Michael J. Fox, of course.

And Janet Reno.

But I digress. What does September 10 have to offer. Not so much. Arnold Palmer born, Stephen Jay Gould born, Will Smith's TV Fresh Prince debut, apparently, in 1990. No parks connections to speak of, and a long way from my next birthday...

...Not to mention the huge weight of tomorrow hanging over it.

My brand new magic 8-ball did not recommend posting this. But... what the heck! it's my 'day-after-birthday'. I'm feeling reckless.

I will be more obedient in future.

Happy birthday to me. And anyone else who has one around now.