Today is a pseudo-monday.

It surprises me that still, after all these working years, it's hard to adjust to being back in the office after even a brief sojourn. So, after taking Friday and Monday off, I'm back, and trying to get into the groove. Actually, not really trying.

Naturally, the first thing I did was speed-read and delete the 100 or so new emails in my inbox. Once that was out of the way (in other words, several hours later), I set about rearranging my objets de desk; an A1 priority task, as it had been at least four weeks since I last did it, and on that occasion I'd failed to solve dual mouse and keyboard issues. So, now I have to my left; snowstorm, coffee, effervescent vitamin C, calendar, misc books and junk. Down the middle; one clunky PC. To my right; laptop. And hurrah! I have achieved full mouse separation.

Maybe you're wondering where I've been.

Oh go on then, I'll tell you. I was in Paris, and having jolly good fun there too, visiting catacombs, eating, drinking, wandering, and taking photographs of people taking photographs of La Jaconde. However, I have the following caveat for any future travellers to Paris. Do not, on any account, rely on the RER to get you from A to B if you are pressed for time. In fact, try not to rely on it at all if you can. I did, and paid the price. 62 Euros to be precise, to change my flight from morning to afternoon, having arrived, breathless and overheated, at the check-in desk five minutes too late.

I know, I know, I should have left myself more margin for error, but I hadn't counted on my train being cancelled at two minutes notice - at least I think it was cancelled. In truth it sort of disappeared from the departures board, silently. And I should really have been more wary after the debacle on my arrival at Charles De Gaulle airport; all RER cancelled exactly one minute after I'd finally reached the front of the queue and purchased my ticket, passengers travelling to Paris - of which there were many, unsurprisingly - directed to the bus stop, no buses. Whatsoever. Gah! And I still haven't worked out why the woman at the bureau de change refused to serve me.

I will never learn.

And all this negotiated under the strict rules of NIRP. (Day 13, and still going strong, for those cheering on my efforts.)

Bisous to all.