Boredom. Sheer, unadulterated boredom.

We've all been through it, I'm sure. I seem to have spent a goodly portion of my life wading through its treacly gel.

So very few things in life are not a complete disappointment or anti-climax.

Sometimes I wish I was the happyjollyoooohlooklook type, but I just can't do it. I prefer to keep my joy to myself, mostly. Unless you're quite special, you'll spoil it. You'll steal it for your own.

I haven't even written A SINGLE THING for E2 in a long, long while. Nothing I've finished, anyways. I've got a couple of uncompleteds, and a deleted daylog somewhere. It was a bit rubbish, though.

Yes, even worse than this one, thankyouverymuch.

So what's been happening, I hear absolutely no-one ask. Well, I thought I was going to get an interview for a job, but I seem to have been placed in the 'don't call us' bracket in the end. Shame, really, as it would have involved a pay-rise, more responsibility, more editing and less writing, and even though it was in Leatherhead I was still reasonably keen.

In the meantime I'm growing increasingly domestically frustrated. How is it possible that I've never returned after a weekend away to find the house tidier than when I left? I think perhaps it is because these things do not matter much.

So, new house new job new house new job, which comes first? I don't want to be signing 6-month tenancy agreements, because in an ideal world I won't be here in six months. However, if I don't do something, I suspect I will be sitting here come christmas moaning again.

As a school chum of mine once pointed out:

Life is but vicissitude upon vicissitude
We were all pretty impressed, I can tell you, with his erudition and knowledge of quotes. Less so when he confessed to making it up, though.

I sense this daylog fraying at the middle, let alone the edges. Not to worry, I have some meetings to attend. And if I don't go to those meetings...

Insert amusing Chandler Bing quote here.

So, how are you all enjoying the new Harry Potter book? no, no, don't tell me. Because then I'll know that you are still keen enough to be reading HP books as soon as they are released.

And I'll have to add you to my list of disappointments. And I don't want to do that, because it will mean getting a new pad of A4. And frankly, I have neither the energy, nor the inclination.

I never guessed that giving up smoking would be this easy! 76 days in and I'm still cranky, only now I have more energy for it. Munificent.

If it wasn't for just one small piece of wonder, I'd most likely stay in bed all day.