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A KIWI: def:-Native New Zealander.
exp:-5th generation Kiwi; my ancesters came to these shores around the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi (6th Feb 1840); unlike my (ex-) wife, who is an "indigenous" New Zealander(Maori) from the shores of the Hokianga, who can trace her "Whakapapa" back to Kupe's arrival in this country(1,500-2,000 yrs ago). In my view, that makes my children "The True New Zealanders". Not only can they trace their family (father's side) to the birth of our nation (signing of the Treaty), but also trace the family (mother's side) to the arrival of Kupe in the Hokianga.
To summerise: I am a native New Zealander, as my wife & children are but in no way, shape or form am I an
indigenous New Zealander.

Clean Cut, Quiet, Friendly, Open-Minded, Kind, Easygoing, Spontaneous, Confident, Sensitive, Shy, Intellectual, Spiritual, Romantic.

Additional comments about my personality:
Have a moderate-severe stutter which I have learnt to control by speech techniques & exposure therapy through membership at Toastmasters International Inc. Can be outgoing & talkative when people get to know me.

Zodiac sign:

Rugby (Union & League). Cricket, Netball, Marching (N.Z.M.A.)

My favorite team(s):
NZ All Blacks(Union); The Warriors(League); NZ Black Caps(Cricket);NZ Silver Ferns(Netball)

Everything in general, from the Victorian Music-halls to the present day. On second thoughts, it would be easier to say what I don't like; & that is bloody Rap.

Anything in general. Favourites include: War, Roman Epics, & any Gay Porn.

Anything in general. Favourites include: Any British sit-com. The weather , news & current affairs etc.

Anything in general(Fact & fiction). Favourites include: American slave books.Eg: The "Falconhurst" series.

Anything in general. Favourites include: European, Maori(Hangi etc), Curries(Sri Lankan), Chinese.

Who do you think?-My man(I'm Gay), of course. Sir Winston Churchill, King George VI; & any Gay Porn Star "LMFAO"

"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up & hurry off if nothing has happened".
Sir Winston. Churchill. (Former British Prime Minister)
"Don't talk of a rhinoceros without a tree nearby".