So those of you who don't know me, hi. I'm a lurker, and I've got a story you won't believe.

I run a pirate radio station out in the Arizona desert, mostly kooks calling in about seeing foo fighters and government activity. I humor them - people lap that shit up - but what I'm really interested in is the occult.

So yesterday this guy calls me. Of course the first thing he tells me is something's up with the DOD, and I just kind of rolled my eyes. More garbage. But then he mentioned something that got my attention: The Shelley Project.

The Shelley Project actually has a rather innocuous history in the American government. Most of the time, you know, all the secret projects are to keep the power up in the Illuminati, usually by covertly misinforming and undermining the power of the masses at the bottom. Or as we like to say in the biz, "standard operating procedure." But the Shelley Project's a bit different. Back in 1906, William KL Dickson, a former protege of Thomas Edison, was working in New Jersey on cameras and motion pictures. He was approached by a scientist on the government's payroll with a proposition to borrow some of his equipment, mostly electrical in nature. Dickson was a curious sort, and got in on the gag. It turns out the scientist was attempting to recreate the old Mary Shelley sci-fi classic Frankenstein and reanimate the dead!

Needless to say, that whole "shock the loose parts" bit was just that - science fiction. But the two worked together for nearly 20 years, and then the program went stagnant until about 1942, when Franklin D. Roosevelt began looking into the program from a more budgeted and operational angle.

Anyway, it's been running for the past 60 years or so, working on virtually every premise known to man to try and reanimate the dead. Watch out if you donate your body to science - you might wake up again one day monitored by some spooks and a lab tech!

So needless to say, when this guy mentioned it, my ears perked up and I got him on the air right away. So this guy, he starts rambling, I mean total mushmouth, and so I try to calm him down, but I can't get anything good out of him. He's just yelling about supersecret space payloads, the Mir space station, geiger counters, and a bunch of other weird stuff that didn't seem to relate to The Shelley Project at all.

Anyway, the only reason I mention this is because a short while after he calls, I get a flood of calls. I mean, lines across the board. That was odd, but what was odder was that everyone onboard wanted to talk about the Shelley Project some more. They all wanted to know how true it was. And they all had a weird story about seeing someone who looked like they had been raised from the dead.

So I called it a night and went to bed. Lights on. Didn't sleep.