Mother called, again.

Some old biddy aunt of mine isn't doing well. Might have to put her down, if she doesn't come around soon. Them's the breaks, I tell mom, and she audibly cringes three hundred miles away. I have been her enemy for years.

Once, when my father was passed out (before he left this earth in a typical fit of blinding rage), I had given him a hotfoot. Only I had used too many matches at once, and his whole sock caught on fire. He was up out of the chair pretty fast, stamping it out as best he could - I just gaped - and mama came in and threw a bucket of water on his feet. Ever since then, she's kept one eye on me at all times.

I suppose she has her reasons.

After mother's call, I went for a walk. It was nearly one oh two on the thermometer, but I was in a restless mood. Saw two kiddies with their lemonade stand. Waved. They hesitantly waved back. Then I gave them the finger.

One of them kept waving, oblivious; the other sensed my disdain and stopped smiling. It took a lot for me not to run and overturn the whole thing. Lousy kids, hijacking every cotton mouth on the block. Ought to be laws.

Or ought to be no laws.

Finally reached a good stopping point, the place in the woods where there's always a squirrel or raccoon hanging about. Nothing today but a turtle - infinite series of distances or not, he was an easy catch, choosing not to struggle. Snapper shells make good target practice: hard to break, 'bout the right size, easy to stand up.

The stand was gone when I came back. I think I saw the curtains ruffle. Good. This system ain't big enough for the two of us anyway.

Maybe I'll make tea. Just a hint of vanilla and some Pepperidge Farms Milanos. Sleep has become a weakness. The caffeine will do me good. Too easy to hit that snooze, gonna have to invest in an electroshock outfit or something. Hit the stores tomorrow.

This weekend will be the first mailing. Maybe I'll set up a camera, to take pictures. Only if caution allows. That box near the library takes big packages. Hope it gets a little cooler, or that's gonna be a long walk ...