The problem with this thinking is that words are not merely to express an idea, but to provide a range to flavour your expression. While it is probably true that "get" is not needed, as displayed in the examples above, to reduce the English language to its complete and most efficient form would endanger the ability to express one's thought.

George Orwell prophecied this sort of thing in the book 1984. His language, Newspeak, was a completely efficient language, in which needless words were ripped out, and replaced. Good was good, while excellent became double-good.

This may seem like a good idea, in that the language will begin to become more efficient, but in fact what this ends up doing is effectively reducing the range of one's conscious thought. If steps are taken to eliminate words, then the ability to express an idea is threatened. One could attempt to erase the word Nazi from the language, but we are now unable to give our children an example of the danger of racism.

Slang is our friend in that it provides us with an ever-growing pool of words that we can use to properly express ourselves.