I have a few things to say. The talk of "who did it and why?" is ticking me off.

Al Queda? G8?

Who fucking cares when it all comes down to it?

In the end all you have are angry people who believe that their cause is worth killing and dying for. People that believe blood is the only way to progress forward.

So they kill some of us. And we're angry, we're frustrated. We attack.

And maybe we kill some of them. But we always hurt and kill other people as well.

And those people become the angry men...

With angry people, one is enough. Enough to wage war, to kill and to fight.

And thus the fucking circle of death continues and we're right back where we started, where you're sitting on a bus and it explodes from underneath you... all because some motherfucker thinks that death is the only way forward and you just happen to be too close...