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"Take it easy, but take it." -Woodie Guthrie
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Still enjoying all the other nodes out there much too much to be spending any time adding my own!
I'm only really a semi-geek, as evidenced by the geek code below:
Version: 3.1
GCS/MU d- s++: a-- C++ UL P+ L+ E W++ N o K-
w O? M+(++) V? PS+>++ PE- Y+ PGP !t !5 X R-
tv+ b++ di- d+ G e>++ h r y+
the geek code needs to be seriously updated, though... I would add a Q++++ (fragmaster) if there were an item for quake 3. Alas and alack, it has not changed since the days of Doom.
Mmmm mmmm look at all that white space under the bookmarks just waiting to be filled. I can hardly wait...