• collect those scattered bits of paper with addresses, phone numbers, appointments, recipes, job opportunities, shit-you-don't-need for sale, and get them organized
  • clean. Clean the toilet, wash your sheets, and the laundry - there's an endless task. How many times can you wear a shirt before it HAS to be washed? Vacuum, dust, Oh shit, the sink is full of dirty dishes... again. And clean yourself; shower, brush your teeth (twice daily), floss, shave, trim your nails. Wash the car too, and the yard, and wash the dog, scrub down the neighbors (don't forget behind the ears), and then back to the toilet. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  • Keep in touch with relatives and old friends and strangers that could get you somewhere some day, contacts; it's called networking. Send Christmas cards and mass mails and letters (to the really special ones - no, I just don't send letters... but I should; keep it on the list). Your Grandma was asking about you the other day. Send out all the RSVPs and thank-you cards and the thanks-for-the-thank-you-card-cards and get well soon, Congratulations on your new job, new baby, congratulations on getting well soon. Happy birthday, happy anniversary, welcome to the family, our condolences, and just because. Just because? What a scam! Who needs a card Just Because?
    Well nobody needs one, but your grandma would really like to hear from you.
  • finish the list....