Sunday. A day of the week which, largely due to its historical religious connotations, is unlike any other.

When I was a kid I thought that when I grew up Sundays would stop smelling of school from about 5pm onwards.
I was right, now Sundays smell of work, which is worse in a way 'cause I can't ask my mum to let me stay home.

The following things will always smell like Sunday to me (and I believe to a great many other people around the world):

1: Songs of Praise (Strikes fear into the hearts of most British people, but for non-Brits, substitute any religious program, which is on TV on Sunday evenings and which however much you hate it you will watch to avoid doing your homework*)

2: Postponing doing your homework* (see above. Can also be achieved by spending two hours on Sunday night balancing your pencil on your pencil sharpener; writing a list of all the homework you have to do, rather than actually doing it; phoning your friend to check if they have done their homework, and rejoicing in the idea of safety in numbers if they haven't)

3: Everything being shut (not as prevalent as it used to be, but here in Blighty on this, only one of two days off a week granted to the workers, everything is either shut all day, or shuts early. Especially the pubs**.)

4: The only thing not shut being Church - the one place you don't want to go (my mum very kindly gave me the option of going at either 11 a.m., requiring me to forgo my lie-in; or 6 p.m. requiring me to spend the entire day dreading the evening service.)

5: Christmas Day (Whichever day it actually falls on, it encompasses all the worst aspects of Sunday - feeling duty-bound to spend time with relatives and to go to church, being force-fed religious programming and everything in the fucking world being closed. Christmas Day is like Ultimate Sunday. Sunday 10 ; A week of Sundays rolled into one tearing-out-your-hair-with-boredom experience.

As you can see, I don't dig Sundays much.

* When grown up, substitute preparing for the week ahead for homework. i.e. Grown-up homework.
**See Arcane British Licensing Laws