The Sun started in 1912 as the Daily Herald and was owned by Labour and the TUC.

The Sun has a circulation of 3,819,974.

The Sun has a readership of 9,888,000. That's nearly one-sixth of the population. Scary.

The Sun runs 75,000 "stories" a year.

The Sun is printed on 16 printing presses, churning out 80,000 copies an hour.

The Sun goes to print in Wapping, Knowsley, Tenerife, Madrid, Glasgow and Belfast.

It can cost up to £50,000 to run a full colour page advert.

Some memorable Sun headlines:

If Kinnock wins tonight will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights (on eve of the General Election. Kinnock's Labour party did not win, and by the time Blair came to power The Sun had changed allegiance)

Up yours, Delors (re: the ECU)

Freddie Starr ate my hamster (I think this one speaks for itself)

Stick it up your Junta (re: war with Argentina over The Falkland Islands)

I two-timed Tory bonker with a Russian Banker

No-nobby bobby keeps jobby: Force let sex-swap PC become WPC

(Most information taken from The Sun's Media Pack)