A US TV program in the manner of Dempsey and Makepeace, Superman and to a lesser extent, the X-Files in that it features a strong-jawed male who is dedicated to crime-fighting, constantly embroiled in secret missions and in a perpetual state of being about to have it off with his female sidekick............but never quite does, for that would the destroy the sexual tension.*

It was this sexual tension which drew me, as a young teenager to the eponymous "Scarecrow" {played by Bruce Boxleitner} causing me to rush home from school to see whether, in today's episode, the unlikely set of circumstances resulting in he and Mrs King becoming involved in a promising clinch would lead at last to their union reaching fruition.

As far as I know it never did.

*See fig. 1 - Superman, it is widely acknowledged that post Lois Lane consummation it was a spent vehicle.