The station, in particular the Circle and District line platform, has one of London Underground's biggest pigeon populations, despite LT peppering all available surfaces with pigeon sticks.

Research (sorry, I really can't recall where I read this) proves that pigeons use the underground to get around, and Paddington is a very popular station for them to commence their journey. Paddington is ideally situated to provide the birds with easy access to large parts of London, without the drawback of wing ache.

On a number of occasions on my journey to work (Paddington - Kensington High Street) I encountered pigeons using the tube.

On one particularly memorable occasion, a train pulled into the station,and as the doors opened I saw that a pigeon was patiently waiting to get off the train. It looked at me, and as I would any passenger, I allowed it time to alight, which it did, hopping off the train and flying straight up into the rafters, presumably to go to its little pigeon office.