Today at work, I was concentrating furiously on reading a particularly absorbing node, exhibiting my I’m-working-really-hard-here-me trademark frown, when suddenly I noticed that two photographers were standing, in my office, and they were, well, taking photos of me.

It transpired that rather than documenting my wanton lack of regard for a mysterious thing called a “work ethic” which I believe I mislaid, somewhere around the same time as I lost “job satisfaction” – (though they may just be lurking down the back of the sofa, or in the drum of the washing machine where all the odd socks live); they were in fact there to take pictures for an annual company magazine.

Having taken photos of no-one other than myself, they left, explaining that

“You were the only one who looked like you were working.”

N.B.This proves my theory that the important thing in a job is not to work, but merely to give the impression that you are working. Ask Bill Hicks.

P.S. Yes, I admit that if I wasn’t on the cusp of achieving the next level, I would quite possibly have not have chosen to node the Bill Hicks quote in a seperate node! :-)