My ex-boss wandered into my office one day and proclaimed, with an odd mixture of pride and shame, "I love paying for it".

He then revealed that he kept a diary of all the prostitutes with whom he had made the beast with two backs. He gave marks for various elements of the experience - perhaps attractiveness, technique, hygiene, dismount - one can only speculate.

How quickly they got out of his face after the deed was done was certainly an important factor.

What really made him brim with ill-placed pride however, was the varied ethnic origin of his paid-for conquests.

In a tone of voice which conveyed excitement and worldiness superior to anything we could imagine, he bragged:

"I've had international pussy"

In retrospect I think his write-ups on these women of the night would make excellent node fodder, and am considering pointing him in the direction of E2 for the purpose of Everything Entertainment.

Then again, for all our sakes, maybe not..