The US-centricness on Everything is a product of the nigh-overwhelming generosity of its American contributors toward their less fortunate brothers and sisters abroad.

Its purpose is twofold: for those of you who wish to emigrate to our great country* from whatever godforsaken hellhole in which you currently dwell**, we are thoughtfully preparing you for life here by introducing you to the rich variety of our culture and folkways, as well as giving you some handy geographical tips.

For those of you who are unable to scrape together the rubles to escape your miserable homelands, we give you the gift of a glimpse into our happy, full lives here in the Land of the Free, that you may cherish it as a light in your darkest moments as you cringe beneath the whips of your cruel commissars or are forced to sit through yet another impenetrable foreign movie.

*And who would not?
**Canada, for example. Or China.