There are two interesting replicas of the Statue of Liberty in Paris, France.

The first one is small (a few meters high) but complete, on an island in the middle of river Seine, between the Eiffel Tower and pont Mirabeau. You can have both the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel tower on the same photograph, if you find the right place.

The second one is a replica of the flame only, in real size (two or three meters high), near pont de l'Alma. Just below that flame, in an underpass, Lady Diana and Dodi Al Fayed died in a car wreck on August 31, 1997, while paparazzis were chasing them. In the following months and years, you could always see people there, sticking love messages or flowers on the big flame. It was fascinating to see how the people changed the meaning of the monument: it had been erected in 1989 to celebrate the French-American friendship, but most people probably saw it now as a symbol of love. Eventually, the messages and photographs were removed and a barrier now keeps the tourists from approaching the flame. You can still see a few half-erased messages.