Here in France, November 11 is a legal holiday that celebrates the end of World War I, and commemorates all these people who died for France. Their names are printed on monuments in every French village. More than 1.5 million people died in a country which population was around 40 or 50 million.

This is precisely why we should read today what Anatole France wrote once:

On croit mourir pour la patrie, et on meurt pour des industriels (We think we die for our country, and we die for industrialists).

World War I was a criminal act. It would be the most evil thing the Europeans have ever made if they had not done worse before and after.

Its peak was the battle of Verdun, where 500,000 to 1,000,000 people died. Imagine one September 11 per day during 6 months, and imagine that everybody thinks it's perfectly legitimate to die for nothing. The general who won the battle, instead of being sent to prison for mass murdering, became a national hero, which gave him the possibility to commit other crimes 25 years later: his name was Philippe Pétain.

My grandfather, who was studying to become an accountant, had to come back to his father's farm because all of his elder brothers had died or had been wounded at the war. This is a very banal story.

Today, the United States are repeating the errors and crimes of Europe one century ago. Dumb and dumber. Their citizens should read this:

We think we die for our country, and we die for industrialists.