In Michael Bay's "Armageddon", half a dozen of American guys are going to save the world. It is very nice of them to do that, so they are asked what reward they would like. After hesitating for a couple of minutes, they agree on the following point: "not paying taxes until the end of our lives". As if there was nothing better in life than not paying taxes.

American people, I mean people who live in the USA, seem to be obsessed with taxes. Nobody enjoys paying taxes in the world, but, in some countries, taxes are accepted as the way for the government (which you can fire, in democracies) to make things that we could not do by ourselves. In the USA, taxes are evil, period. Capitalists and leftists agree on that point: my money is my money, I won't give it to the government. Maybe this is due to the word itself, which has negative meanings (see Webster 1913's tax definition).

Taxes are also used to build roads, you know.