I got a letter from my best friend yesterday. As we speak, he is most likely sitting on the Iraq/Kuwait border. In light of recent events, I think it would be a good idea to allow you guys/girls to read it, as you may find the perspective of a marine in a looming war interesting.

Just remember that my intentions are neutral. I do not intend to faciliate a pro-war/peace message. Take out of it what you will, and hope this letter won't be the last.


Hey Brother,

How's it going? At one point I'm sure I told you that I'd probably just sit around in Kuwait for a couple months, but that's not going to happen. I don't know exactly when, but in the very near future, we'll be making history. I can't be too specific, because I can't be too sure that they aren't reading our mail; and actually, I really don't know too much anyway. No one knows exactly what's going to happen, and none of us have any idea what's in store for us. It might not be too bad, it might be absolute hell, no one knows. However, I have an idea regarding myself. The way I look at it, if I survive this ordeal (which I expect, but shit happens), there can only be good things ahead. This would be someone's chance to take me out of this world, and if they don't, there's probably a reason I should stick around for awhile. Granted, anyone can die for whatever reason at anytime, but I think as long as I come back in full, I've overcome a huge obstacle. Hey man, we'll see what happens. Expect the worse, hope for the best.

Anyway, we are properly trained for the mission, but unless some things change, we are not equipped as we should be. Things like not having a radio for each vehicle is bullshit, and could cause death if it's not fixed. All of our gear is green except the actual uniform we wear and a cover for our packs. As long as our trucks are green, our uniform doesn't matter. It's just a lot of bullshit that you would think would be taken care of before we see combat, but it is unlikely that it will. Yes, of course we are still 1,000 times better equipped than the enemy, but there are standards and not all of the standards are being met. Either way, we should be able to do what needs to be done with what we have.

Alright man, I don't want to interrupt you from your thesis for too long. Stop by my house if your looking for a good meal, or if you're looking to talk some politics with Kelly, Pam, and the old man. I'm sure my parents would like to see you. Hopefully, everything is going well with you, Heather, and your family. Tell them I said "hi." Alright man, take care of yourself and all those whom you love. Hopefully, we'll get this "campaign" over with. I'll be back before the summer ends. I look forward to seeing you.

Your bro,