A truly unforgettable line uttered with appropriate conviction by Ren Höek the deranged chihuahua1 at the height of his space madness.

It's hard to put into words just how strongly this sentiment resonates with me. It is all-purpose meaning, appropriate in every context, perfect in all situations... as an ice-breaker, a pick-up line, a deal-closer, punchline, promise, denial, a light-hearted offhand comment at your next social gathering, or an ideal choice for the line you utter through gritted teeth with eyes of unswerving determination on the ragged cliff-top in the raging lightning storm to your sworn lifelong enemy as you cut the rope and he plunges to his final end.

It just kind of sums up everything.

That said, the insane monologue from the Ren & Stimpy episode in which this line features is well worth quoting from:

    ...I'll just lie back and think pleasant thoughts.
    Chicken pot pie... Chocolate covered RAIsins...
    EEGlazed Hammmmm... They think I'm crazy... But I
    know better... It is not I who am crazy... It is
    I who am MAD!... Didn't you hear 'em? Didn't you
    see the crowds?!! Oh my beloved ice cream bar...
    How I love to lick your creamy center... eeyaaarghruch...
    eeyaarghrunch... eeyaarghrunch... And your oh-so-nutty
    chocolate covering... You're not like the others...
    You like the same things I do...Wax paper...
    Boiled football leather... Dog breath... WE'RE NOT

    (Stimpy: "Stop it... You're talking crazy!")

    Oh no... I know what you want... You coveteth my ice
    cream bar!

    (Stimpy: "Come on now...")

    Ohh no you don't! You can't take it from me now!
    I've had this ice cream bar since I was a child...
    People... Always trying to take it from me... Why 
    won't they leave me... ALONE?!!!

From The Ren & Stimpy FAQ (http://eshanks.pepperdine.edu/r&sfaq1.htm)

1. Apparently first spoken by Kirk Douglas in the movie Champion.