a narrative


Eyes opening as the evil alarm clock wakes you from slumber. Swatting the snooze, rising to unsteady feet. Stumbling through the not-so-darkness, there's no need for lights yet. Lumbering to the kitchen, your mouth begs for OJ to slake its thirst. Gulp gulp ahhh, the gears in your head begin turning.

Finding the bread bag,
    spinning it open,
  remove bread,
    spinning closed, twist tie securely.

Gingerly holding the slices, rending an uneven center-hole. Scrunching up the softwhiteness to a hard little ball. Chew-chew-chewing the ball, ahh the wonder of wonderbread.

Back to the fridge, squinting against the cold, yellow light. OJ goes in, egg carton comes out. Oh yea, don't forget the butter.
Butter the bread, both sides. ( ...Crispiness is essential...).

Click click goes the pilot light as a blue flame flickers to life, igniting its neighbors to form a dancing, wavering halo. Searching for a pan, trying to keep the clangs from stirring the others. Cold steel warms quickly, you must work fast. Slipping the slice into the pan, the delicious buttery smell wakes your stomach, it growls impatiently.

A dollop of oil goes in the hole to receive the egg. Crack the egg one-handed, pretending you are a chef, performing on tv. The innards flow out into their new bready-nooks. Feel the sizzzzzle of the oil as it spatters madly, leaping in the air, bursting with excitement.

   Flip it with a flickety-flair, need an even cook on both sides.
   Transfer to the plate, the eggy aroma filling your nostrils.

As you gently fork-cut your first bite, gooey yolk oozing/seeping into the toast. You are ten-years old again, legs swinging free as you eat and watch the sun rising over the dew covered lawn.

Also called an "egg in a nest" (thanks ac_hyper), "egg in bread" (thanks haze), "toad in the hole" (from bis' wu), or "hurricane eggs" (thanks Spork_Avenger).
Some simple directions:


  • 1 egg
  • 1 slice of bread
  • oil (optional)
  • stove
  • pan

-Start by making a hole in the center of the bread. It should be approximately 1.5" to 2" in diameter. Eat or discard the removed bits of bread.
-Butter the bread on both sides to make sure that it toasts well in the pan.
-Get the pan hot on a burner, then place the bread in it. You can add oil to keep the egg from sticking if you want. But remember that the bread will soak some of it up.
-Crack the egg open into the hole in the bread.
-Cook to your liking (some like it yolky, others don't). Salt and pepper to taste.
-Enjoy your One Eyed Jack!

Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make yours worthwhile.