wow. where to begin...

sometimes things happen so fast it's hard to catch them before they fade

It was a strange day, long and slow and punctuated by excited gibbering about the upcoming vacation. Coming out of this last weekend my body was a wreck but my mind was surprisingly clear (due to the Great Mud-man Freakout Fest, which should be a node unto itself). The spattering rain outside promised a dreary walk home.
Donning my poncho, I ventured to the Lightrail. Seats were ample as I boarded, but were quickly filled with each progressing stop.

I got off the train singing. Rivers of Bablyon, i think it was. Guava Jelly came next, but this I repeated until past the inner harbor - voice cracking with the high, bellowing with the low, strangers passing by, wond'ring what I know.

Beads of water grew and bubbled down my glasses. Wet strands clung to my face. I looked up and saw a reflection of myself in the grey, looming clouds. "this has got to stop," I sighed.

Two blocks from home I come upon a place I pass every day, going to and from. I don't know if it was the weather, or if this had just been lurking in my subconcious, but I turned and went through the door.

This fine establishment is the Tattoo Museum, home to some of Charm City's finest skin artists. I had already had this kind of planned out, but I wasn't sure I was going to do it. As I excitedly explained my idea, a strange look crawled over the employee's face, "You sure?!" YES "ok then..."

|_   _|

I now have my first marking. Located on my inside left wrist, it is not very noticable. Right now, I'm sure you're thinking I'm a little strange.
   Well, you're right.
   So what. We're all a little strange.

I forgot to mention that my friend Luke met me at the museum. He had been on his way to my place to meet up for tuesday night trivia, but luckily he called before he got there. He intercepted me at the museum and afterwards we made our way to the pub....

Oh yes, another thing I forgot to mention, while I was anxiously waiting for an available tattooist my phone rang. Rummaging through my back pack, I was sure it was Luke calling (he had not yet called at this point). I thought it was a little strange when his name didn't pop up on the lcd, but "eh" I said and answered anyway.

Hey tetrisboy, it's knile from e2."

      a moment of reflection

"Hey, whats up man?"   "Trivia tonight?"   "Sure...."

Stepping out of the car I notice a person talking on a cell phone. Glancing over as I step through the door, I hesitate...wait....double take.

"Knile...Neil...hi, it's tetrisboy."

I have finally met my first noder. Over a few rounds of inane questions, we shared a few drinks, swapped a few stories, discussed luring in other baltinoders... generally had a good time.

I was lucky that the crowd was good tonight, rambuctious and flavorful. I didn't want knile to leave with a bad impression of my local brew pub. we all got into it, razzing Trivia Master Adam, cheering for the two girls in a chug-off, and annihilating the best damn crab dip Fell's Point has to offer. At the end of the night, the fact we didn't win (or even come close) didn't seem to be of any significance.

We step back into the sultry night air, droplets pelting meekly at our clothes. He extends his hand,

"Great meeting you man."
   "You, too."
"See you next week?"
   "Yes. Definitely."

My roommate and I saunter home, absorbing the mist around us.