I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I had led you on even though I had no intention of falling in love. I was young at that time, and I did not even know that I was leading you on. When I laughed with you, smiled at you, and sat beside you in the canteen and in the lecture theater, it was because I had accepted you as a friend and as a good buddy.

I'm sorry that I did not take my friends' hints seriously. When they winked at me while I was with you, I ignored them totally. They grinned and hinted among themselves, but I just told them to mind their own business. I had no idea that this relationship between us was going into uncharted waters, because I had never had a boyfriend before.

I'm sorry for that Valentine's Day when you gave me a bouquet of flowers and that letter. I did not mean to be so callous as to walk away after a murmuring of thanks. I was in shock and had never dealt with this before. I was also very flattered, but I was also deep in denial. I confess that I did not open your letter until a few months later. Even after that, I did not want to have anything to do with it, leaving it in a cupboard along with the flowers.

I'm sorry for my weird behavioural pattern after that Valentine's Day. I realise that treating you as an invisible person around me was the most heartless thing a girl could ever do to the guy who loved her. I will forever regret my conduct and I know nothing can excuse it.

I'm sorry that because of it I lost a good friend.

As Valentine's Day draws near again I think back to that Valentine's when a guy first asked a girl to be his close companion. The girl left, having never answered him. Leaving him with a broken heart. Years later, she wants to heal the rift between them, but it is too late.

I'm sorry.