More ideas for the message inbox:

Searching through that thing is horribly difficult and I was thinking: maybe a search option would be a decent addition?

Here is the problem: I can’t find messages that are in reply to a node of mine, unless I go through them all and scan all of my messages. This is a pain. I would like to suggest a “show by reply” option, wherein I can type the name of the node and it displays all the messages that are in reply to that. If that were implemented, I would like to suggest that it would also encompass replies to scratchpad titles. (Depending how you do this, I guess this wouldn't be a problem.)

However, much more useful (in my mind) would be a simple search option. (I have been told this would take a while to actually do any searching on, but I figure, pain of slowness is better than the pain of manually searching.)

Supposing a user once sent me a message containing the word “peanuts” and all I could remember was that word, well, I’d like to find that message again! Scanning through the inbox would be terrible, when looking for just one word. So in that case a search option would be wonderful!

I would hope for a search option to work with the “show from user(group)”/“hide from user(group)” options as well.

I would prefer the search option, but I don’t know what my fellow noders would rather, or what you would prefer to code. Please question me if you aren't sure what exactly I am thinking of.

Another idea that is basically the same as mine but encompasses more usefulness and has been suggested by Tem42, and now also Pandeism Fish, and I think would be brilliant, is this:

Messages about a writeup 'stick' to that writeup -- when you went to edit a writeup you might see (in a separate nodelet or right under the blab box on your writeup) all the messages sent from that writeup. They would, of course, disappear when you deleted them. No need to search at all.

I think that, when editing a w/u, this would be highly useful. Rather than swapping tabs/windows to see all the spelling errors someone has found, they are right beneath it. Not sure how hard it would be to do, though...

(Being able to see your comments to another user's writeup would also be dandy, because I have a poor memory).

How about keeping track of notifications? Certainly beyond 20 or 30 is not needed, but sometimes they get pushed off too fast and you'll want to know what happened when. I suggest a small link to "Notifications archive" in the bottom right-hand corner of the nodelet.

More search options for the search bar. Before I go around creating node titles, I like to know what there is out there that has been unfilled. "Near matches", "Ignore exact" and "Full text" are wonderful, but why not have an option to display only nodeshells? Or only not nodeshells? Could be implemented in Random Nodeshells as an option, I guess..?

You know how we can backup our nodes? Perhaps we could also have an option to do that with scratch pads (including private ones).

Under "buying eggs" in the E2 Gift Shop I would love an option to buy more than one at a time. How can I go on a successful egging spree if I must sit and continuously click for more? Done by raincomplex

I thought about re-ordering my nodelets, and then I discovered this would be a horribly long and arduous process of clicking "up" and "down" until I get them right. Could we have a system whereby we order them by numbers, and we type them in 1-x with 1 being the one at the top of the page and x being the one right at the bottom. Or just something that doesn't involve heaps of clicking. DonJaime did this!