St phen,

Your m ther told my mother that you left H ng Kong                   ,   it was not                   to you. I can understand             , you being a man of simple pleasures   Hong Kong being so         , busy and                 of exchange.   miss   .       I was sp  king to Tammy about your eyes             how they make                           cry                                        I have had tears beaten out of me. I suppose you will never realise how powerful they are because                                          .                         you don’t see me at other times. I don’t see myself .       ey, I’ve been listening                                                      Our Dead Marines                 of you, but only                      where he sings, ‘                   the w rld is sick, can no one be well?           I dreamt                   all beautiful strong.’             the only part             I enjoy. It’s very hot         staying inside, watching films and                                     .                                     I can’t sleep at night.                                 bugs    beginning to gather, as they do in this heat, and still my daydreams won’t connect and so,                                    . Only this letter. I                         tomorrow. Hopefully I will be                         by next week, that or a                         maker. Can you picture it                     ? Can you see me driving that                         off a cliff, fresh                   flying out from the boot             the car slams down                                                         and                                 ?                         That sure would be a way to quit.     I d n’t want                     . Aft r all, there s ill is                       . I hope you visit. I m looking forward to seeing that darned lighth use soon. I miss it.                          room is out on the line. They are most likely dry now.                                 bring them inside and make       and curl up          the sheet and think about                                       I have n ver seen       how cold it is there                         how cold your blood                    be,                   h w hard it must be trying to keep                                 your skin may be readjusting                          your mind, whirl           g as it does in its an lytical            way.

       stay close          ,