Water from Well No. 3 in Mineral Wells, Texas (near Dallas/Fort Worth) established 1885. A local woman had been suffering from a "nervous condition" (of unspecified nature), and was cured by drinking water from this well for several weeks. The well was renamed "the crazy woman's well", or "crazy well", and the water "crazy water". For many years, Crazy Water(tm), was widely touted as a panacea for everything from arthritis to constipation, attracting celebrities and people of all walks of life to Mineral Wells's Crazy Water Hotel, which boasted a full "sanitarium" (which in those days meant a regimen of detoxification and anti-stress for relatively healthy people), and a scenic walking trail called "Fat Man's Misery", as well as music and other cultural events. Mineral Wells itself went Crazy crazy, naming scores of local businesses with the magic adjective.

However, a backlash was brewing. Crazy Water fell under disfavor with the medical establishment, which used a box of "Crazy Crystals" (which were crystallized salts of Crazy Water) in a display of "dangerous quack remedies" during the 1930's, which caused the business to soon fold. Recently, however, it's been revived under the name "Famous Mineral Water Company" of Mineral Wells, TX. I've not checked as to whether they ship.