Best Cranberry Sauce.

The absolute best cranberry sauce I ever encountered came from (of all places) a Japanese cookbook, which remade Thanksgiving dinner into a kaiseki tea banquet. Of all known recipes, this is a) both tasty and b) reasonably like what Colonial food tasted like.

Ingredients: Cranberries! Put them into a blender until smushed to taste (I like fairly coarse). Taste. If too bitter, add sugar (for extra credit, make it one of the various not-white varieties). Grate in a little orange peel.

Make agreeable conversation about how the original was most likely made with a mortar and pestle, sweetened with exotic flavorings from the Indies to make it festive. Notice how very few people actually eat it as such, but insist on it. Eat it nonetheless. Hey! Crans are tasty! Enjoy them!