AKA "angel sleeves", "wizard sleeves", "gravy catchers". Feature of many women's dresses (and some men's wear) in the 1960's and 1970's, bell sleeves are "kimono" or set-in sleeves that fall in a wide bell at the wrist (think bell-bottoms for the arm) from the elbow or shoulder, often fringed, trimmed, flounced, or weighted at the bottom with tassels or sewn-in chain. An added plus is a contrasting lining within the sleeve itself, visible when the sleeve falls open.

An enduring classic, they are a feature of such folkwear as the dashiki, don't require special pattern adjustment and the first thing most little girls think of when they draw a witch or princess. Drawbacks, which can be worked around, are their impracticality when cooking or using machinery and their uneconomical use of fabric.