The most interesting thing about The Doors is that Jim Morrison was not only the lyricist, but dictated the melodies as well, being schooled in classic chant.

Take the song everyone knows:

You know that I would be un true.
You know that I would be a liar.
If I were to say to you
Girl we couldn't get much higher.

Unlike the classic 12-bar blues, we have three lines at a near-monotone, dipping on the next-to-last syllable. On the third line "say" get emphasized {on some recordings, and simply "to" on others) but on the fourth the first syllable of "higher", breaks pattern, it rises.

All that is given is that the keyboardist Ray Manzerek , makes it baroque, the guitarist makes it flamenco, the drummer makes it jazz..and all together, they make great rock and roll!