St. Distaff’s Day is the day immediately after Three Kings, in the Anglican tradition. A private, rather than a public event, it marks the first day that women go back to normal housekeeping.

Take down anything Christmassy. If you have a garden, the boughs of the Christmas Tree make fine ground cover for your plots. Your wreath, ditto. Everything must go. Into the fire, the compost, storage...

After noon, they get the day off. Since men don’t have their official work day until Plough Day next Monday, they (and the rest of the family) are supposed to spend the day playing pranks on each other. This isn’t always an option, nor is it a good idea.

Pranking aside, it might be a nice idea to ease Mom into Ordinary Time with pampering.Let her have a wonderful time off, with spa facials, letting her off whatever duties she has, whether cleaning, driving, or whatever else.Let her have bubble baths, Prosecco, and rom-coms, (or Lady Huskies)..

Or a family pajama party! Make a fort, with whatever’s available, eat festive leftovers, takeout, or comfort food, cooked by the family. Listen to nursery rhymes and lullabies, tell fairy tales, play silly games… Whatever you have, it’s yours.Just don’t start celebrating all over again!

Don’t listen to those who claim that Candlemas (or Pagan equivalent) is the true end of Christmastide, and you can keep your decorations up until then. Enough is enough.Whatever kind of “season of celebration” you might envision, (to keep away from the horrid idea that religion might have any ideas otherwise) you’re still going to be actively working to make them happen.

You deserve better. Again, Enough is enough.