I planned a more extensive WU, but this is a quick wrapup. I'm still living in the motel, and find the freedom almost too liberating (I've spent way too much money celebrating, but I've managed to save $40...so far, for things other than food and shelter). I also feel a lot less angry at the world, and more rested. Now, what next?

Yesterday, I had, as I said, two leads on a home. The first sounded AMAZING, a half a house with a hard-working gay urologist (gee, he must REALLY like his work....)who would be almost never home. Come to find out he used to live right next to me...while he was an intern, he used to act as if I were violently insane and/or infected with a strange disease...I mean, what kind of guy turns down beef rib bones for his dog, claiming the dog's a vegan? Or announces he's a teetotaler, on the other side of the door, when you ask to borrow a bottle opener? I ask you?

This time was no different. Upon seeing me, he said "I remember you. Good-bye." (My mother asked me "But, did the house look OK?")

The second lead was a lot better. A friend-of-a-friend, I found out, whose handle is fiawol. "Fandom is a way of life?" I wrote back in my email. Well, I (apparently) was the only other person who got it. We had a fine chat about Jack Parsons, the state of the Church of Scientology down the street, and so forth. I'll get to hear from him on Wednesday. Wish me luck everyone!

I also went to church this morning. I took Communion from "that" priest, but we're still not talking to each other.