I was in a luxury hotel with my mother, in one of those suites with a small kitchen, as well as all the other amenities. Feeling tired, we decided to buy a small steak for me (my mother wanted something else) and cook it in the room. Across from us was a room inhabited by a young woman, who told us that she was a lion, sometimes, and traveled with another of her kind.

While I came up to the room, steak in hand, she opened the door and said, "I want your steak." in a greedy voice, and looked at me with round eyes like a lion. I turned away, and went back into the room.

I put the steak into the broiler, and seared both sides. (I burnt one a little.) I went to where my mother was, and saw her watching TV. All at once, there was a scrrratch at the door. I opened it, and the woman was becoming a lion. I closed the door, quickly. But the door wouldn't lock -- I needed the key. Through a crack in the door, I saw her turning into a lion, and another lion was pushing against the door, his huge paw trying to pry it open. I called to my mother. "Get me the key so I can lock this...there's a lion on the other side."

"There's no lion on the other side." she replied. "Go to the package store. Get some wine." "There's a lion on the other side." All at once I felt/saw a burst of white with a cold rush of air. "She's throwing thunderbolts, too!" My mother would not help me.