Evening soft rock radio host, with a difference: it's a combination call-in radio show, Miss Lonelyhearts, and request line: you tell her a story, she advises you, and then, selects a song especially for YOU, the caller...it's irresistable. On one hand you get "reality radio": the Iranian refugee mom who's blind, has strep throat, and has just prepared dinner for her family...her husband wants her to hear a song to ease her into bed. On the other hand, the stories make the soppy songs easier to hear: somehow it's harder to gag at hearing "My Heart Will Go On" for the umpteenth time hearing that someone who wants to hear it has had a life far more interesting than that boat movie. Supplemented by Janie, the mellowest hippie chick ever to hit the airwaves, and tales of her (now on the rox) marriage and six kids, Delilah is a treasure. Really.