Brown some hamburger, say half a pound, with a sliced onion. Add a small can of mushrooms (stems & pieces, OK), then add 1/2 t. nutmeg (or just shake the spice jar over it hard...make sure it's got a shaker top though), paprika to taste (start with 1 t, work up to 1 T. or more), and anything that it needs...maybe a bouillon cube. Add 1/2 cup of sour cream (full-fat desired, but King Sour, which isn't even dairy, is good too) cover, and lower heat. Wait 1/2 hour, during which you can be cooking egg noodles or rice. Take cover off. Turn off heat. Add more sour cream, another 1/2 cup, stir hard, and serve over starch. Really good.

Make sure that your spices are fresh for this one; it really does make a difference -- and Hungarian half-sharp paprika (or hot, mixed half-and-half with American flavorless) is better than the Flavorless alone. Another wrinkle is to use leftover onion dip in place of intitial sour cream, or add 1 envelope of Knorr's vegetable soup mix. (This is totally nontraditional, but good.) You can also use shitakes or other kinds of mushrooms in place of, or alongside canned shrooms, in which case it's a Stroganoff Valentina (for psilocybin pioneer Valentina Wasson).