Not strictly a daylog, but I remember realizing (circa 1996) exactly how my life was going to be changed by computers.

The scene is mid-autumn, Mom and I are shopping. She stops and shows me a large box of lavish Christmas cards. "Why don't you send these Christmas cards to all those people you keep on talking about?"

"Um. Who exactly?"

"Oh, Darkwolf, and Zilo, and Sea, and....all those funny nicknames. Look at the fine printing... The flocked reindeer, the foil overlay... Won't they be happy to see this in the mail!"

"Ah,'s not as if I know their real names...or much more of their addresses than vague ideas...I mean, Caesar is in Finland somewhere, and I really don't know much more about Darkwolf than he lives in California...Ladyhawke is in Louisiana, on a base somewhere...if the Army hasn't sent him off to who-knows-where..."

"You're a hacker. Can't you...." She fluttered her fingers, in an imitation of a magic pass? typing?

"I don't have their real names..."

"Can't you ask them?"

"No. What's the sense in having aliases if you know their names? Besides, it would be...rude."

"You can find them through the Internets!" Her eyes sparkled with the mere idea, as if this was a simply! wonderful! thought! "Trace them!"

"Are you insane? What would that do? It's the equivalent of breaking into their homes, shucking my clothing, and waiting for them in their bedrooms!  How are they going to respond? 'Oh, hi, Teleny, glad to meat you! Have a Mountain Dew!''Yeah, hi, I was just going through your medical and financial records and...well, I think you can afford that urological operation.'"

"Are they really your friends?"

I sighed. I would easily lay my life on the line for any of them.....