I had a dream about winning two weeks in a pop-up hotel. 

It was a cylinder with panels of one-way plastic, set up in midtown Manhattan in a more-or-less public place (as in street level in or near Times Square) about thirty feet in diameter. Inside, it was very Designed. It had a dining area , a kitchenette, a couch with a fireplace, with lots of drapery and pillows. There was a screened off bathroom, with the finest soap and fragrances. “Room service” was available, from one or any nearby restaurants, and every day, you could have a “curated field trip” to a museum, a boutique (with gift certificates), or an “Experience” (a club, a spa, a poetry reading, some otherwise hidden treasure, with a charming guide) .  I was there with my mother, for some reason, who always had inspired me to dream big. 

I was on the edge of putting this into my “Makers” notebook, but chose to write to you instead.