My days are groggy. I work a 7 to 3 shift at the University. By the time I really wake up it's time for lunch, then I need a nap. My boss handles emergencies, so he's usually on vacation during regular hours, and the rest of them don't care much what I do. I can go weeks without making eye contact, let alone talking to someone. I never thought much about my life until now.

For one thing, I'm usually among the first in the building, but recently it seems building traffic is peaking in the wee hours. There aren't any conversations. I'm not one to butt into other peoples business, but I know college students like to talk. No one's in a hurry anymore either, they just kind of shuffle around. The trash cans are always empty too, which makes sense I suppose since no one is carrying anything. In fact, the only janitorial duties I've really had to fulfill are cleaning up little piles of goo that have been mysteriously appearing around the place.

On the one hand it's all a bit disturbing, but on the other hand I'm not one to worry or complain. I've always lived a simple life, so maybe people are just starting to see things my way. At any rate, I fit in better than ever before. Just minding my business, mopping the floor.