Sonnet Technologies is a company based in California that makes all kinds of neato computer hardware, especially for Mac users. They make processor accelerator cards to perk up old Macs, iPod batteries and power adapters, Firewire and USB cards, wireless and Ethernet cards, hard drive enclosures, etc.

Sonnet is also a California internet service provider; they were formerly named Sonora On-Line. They provide dialup, DSL, wireless, and DSL access in counties surrounding the Sonora, CA area.

A sonnet is also a type of 14-line, rhyming poem. College poetry professors like to assign them to students. Shakespeare was quite good at them; most freshmen are not.

I tried quite hard to write a sonnet.
Alas, the form's unnatural to me.
The first I wrote got mustard on it
so I couldn't turn it in, you see.

The second I wrote about my mother's spouse,
a lovely man who's got a worrisome disease
his hospitalizations leave her an empty house
and writing about it depresses me, you see.

In despair, I wrote about my cat
in doggerel'd verse and flat-busted meter.
Seriously, who'd want to read that?
It broke on the page like a rusted-out beater.

The last I wrote turned twittishly twee
So I couldn't turn it in, you see.