Taipei American School is the premier English based private K12 international school in Taiwan, Republic of China. Anybody that's a somebody who wants an American education in Taiwan aspires to someday grace the hall of this fine institution.

TAS was originally founded to serve the children of people assigned to Taiwan by the United States military. It has since outgrown its original purpose with the revitalization of the Taiwan economy and heavy international investment. Today, TAS is an internationally recognized K-12 educational institution, sending its graduates to the most prestigous universities in America and around the world.

Unfortunately, TAS has a local reputation as being The Private School for rich snobby kids. It is not entirely unfounded, with its yearly tuition toping US $10,000, in a country where the per capita income is US $16,000. It is common to see Mercedes and BMWs driven by a personal driver picking up students after school.

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