In a fight
Chopsticks are made of all sorts of materials. But even your average wooden chopstick is strong enough be used as a deadly stabbing weapon when wielded properly. A pair of stainless steel chopsticks is lethal in anyone's hands. One must also remember that a pair of chopsticks is longer than your average fork, and so has better reach in a combat situation.

As Eating Utensils
With a chopstick, you can cleve, pierce, and lift any given object to your mouth. Furthermore, you have two options to cut a given piece of food. You can either squeeze the object between the pair of chopsticks, or you can stab the chopstick into the middle of the object and pull outwards.

Also, ivory chopsticks will change color when exposed to certain kinds of food poison. Useful as a last line of defense against potential assasinations.

Therefore, the proper score is really 3 to 0.