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mission drive within everything
I'm tired of people who don't care.
Computer, networking, technical writing, and outdoorsman.
To make history, change the world, and walk on water.
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I am a 28 year old, married male, college graduate. I enjoy doing things and spending time with my friends. The things I enjoy are camping, backpacking, sailing, mountain biking, competitive orienteering, watching movies, playing video games, drinking wine, driving fast, and listening to music (not country!). I look for the art in life, music, movies, nature, situations, events, etc...

One thing that bothers me is how people don't seem to care. They don't care about themselves, their health, appearences, their property, or other people. One of my goals is to first of all, care (in general, about the things I have control over) and to help others care.

My day job is to manage a computer network of around 500 PC computers. I do basically the same thing on the side for others on the side as a part-time job.

I am religious about nutrition and health. You'll find me quite opinionated about this subject as well as what the Christian Bible says.

We should all look for opportunities to give back to society, and my way is through Boy Scouts. I was a Scout most of my childhood and earned my Eagle award. One area I'm gifted in is Scoutting, so now I'm an assistant Scout Master. I enjoy teaching and this is a good outlet for me.

I also enjoy cooking. My specialty is home-made pizza. The dough is made from scratch. There is more to know, but this should be a good-enough start.