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Well my name is Taylor, and I am never good at bio's haha. Right now I'm 16 years old and I live in the crappiest town ever. I love ballet and I dance everywhere I go. When I graduate high school I want to go to Juilliard and major in dance, then I want to join a company close to home. I've only been dancing for about 4 years now though, so I'm not quite as good as everyone else who has been dancing since they were 5. I love chilling with my friends, Abbie, Kaylona, Alaina, Janae, and Brittney and Sam. I have a lot of friends and sometimes it's complicated because not all of them are friends with each other. I watch A LOT of T.V. My friends tell me so and I know it. I love Gossip Girl, 90210, CSI, Criminal Minds and Jeopardy. I watch Jeopardy absolutely everyday! Haha :)
Now for some of the hard stuff. I was a cutter since 7th grade. I don't understand yet why I decided to start doing that, but I finally stopped completely at the beginning of last summer. I still have scars so if someone see's them they still ask. I wish all the time that I never did that because I am embarrassed by my scars. Then, after my family found out in the summer before 8th grade I started other stuff. I started trying to diet... even though I've been underweight all my life. Normally, it would be an off and on thing tho. I'd starve for 3 days (or less) then give up, then try again a month or more later. It wasn't really a problem in 8th grade though. It escalated more in 9th grade. I bought a food journal in February, and recorded my calories and weight and such for a month. I lost about 10 pounds and lost my period for a bit. I quit and it was harder than normal because I felt sick when I ate, but I got over it and everything was going normal until the beginning of this school year. For about a month or two now I've been dieting, whenever I decided to quit I would feel guilty and starve some more. Right now I have been ana for a monthish. I haven't gotten my period since September and I have no idea why it's still gone, I wasn't even dieting or anything until like November a week before Thanksgiving. I think I'm probably anorexic (my BMI is like 15.3 right now) but I haven't been medically diagnosed or anything.
Well, I hope I told enough stuff about me. Well ok, my favorite color is purple because it's the color of royalty, my favorite singer is Imogen Heap, my favorite book is "My Sister's Keeper" and my favorite day is my birthday because it's all about me :) Also I'm kind of a perfectionist ;) hah