I forget where I learned this method, but it has never failed me. Even my friend, who swore that nothing anyone ever told him cured his hiccups, found it worked.

First, draw in a deep breath. This is actually usually the hardest part for me, as the hiccups usually try to interrupt me.

Second, plug your earholes with your index fingers and your nose with your thumbs. Yes, it looks absurd.

Finally, while still holding your breath, swallow three or four times. The first time you try this, you may find swallowing to be very difficult. Try gathering some saliva in the back of your mouth to swallow, it may help.

Why is it so hard to swallow? Your ears are connected to your windpipe, which is why swallowing usually cures popped ears. When you swallow, there is a certain amount of air movement. In this case though, your ears and nose are plugged.

Now, this sounds bizarre, but it works! Anyone with more biology under their belt than me, I'd love to know why it does.