Piedmont glacier in Alaska near Yakutat; the largest glacier in North America. The Malaspina Glacier originates in the St. Elias Mountains and spills out into a giant circlular piedmont about 20 miles in diameter. The glacier's terminis is located on the Gulf of Alaska and the North end of Disenchantment Bay, about 20 miles North of Yakutat.

Named after an Italian explorer, the Malaspina is one of the few glaciers with large trees actually growing on the glacier itself (this is possible because of the presence of a rather large moraine on which soil is able to form over time). But like most glaciers in Alaska, the Malaspina is now receding, due perhaps in part to the role played by global climate change.

The M/V Malaspina, one of the ferries of the Alaska Marine Highway Fleet, was named after the Malaspina Glacier.